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cinematic magic - STOKER

Monday, August 26, 2013

I know I went too crazy with the screencaps but capturing images off movies from my laptop is probably what I wish I could build my empire with. Ok clearly not a very productive hobby of mine but any useless obsession, often leads to a blog-worthy post, I think so hahaa.
Moving on to the movie....
Visually stunning and thick with sex/death metaphors, Stoker is a challenging, sumptuous film. And the psycho kinds usually are what my brain attracts itself to (you can take whatever from that statement).
Great cast and I love Park Chan-Wook, the director. I've watched Oldboy, I'm a cyborg but that's OK and Thirst...and all of these movies I simply loved! But of course when I heard Matthew Goode was in it, I went crazy d..uh (you should see the many photos of his I've downloaded since *cuckoo alert*) and his performance was phenomenal and so many things.. HIS FREAKING EYES! So he's half the reason why I took as many screencaps as I did hahaa.
So, basically the movie is a gothic tale of deranged familial inheritance and the protagonist is an eighteen yr old (played by Mia who was bewitching from the get-go).
The story got me thinking about the types of girls who are represented in coming-of-age stories - the whip-smart, strange, unusually beautiful girls. We've met them onscreen many a times.. lolita, lux lisbon in the virgin suicides, Alicia Silverstone in the mid-90s, mathilda in Leon, Chloe moretz in kick-ass, winona ryder in almost most of her 90s movies, molly ringwald in sixteen candles, claire danes in my so called life, cecilia lisbon (again) in the virgin suicides, sissy spacek in badlands........this could go on and on... Also most of these characters comes under categories (this is what I should have spent my time ruminating on instead of struggling on my mathematical ability sheesh).
India, from the movie is a classic example of the macabre eccentric. I love these girls so much. They're disarmingly smart and confident, they're aware of their beauty but they don't use it instead choosing to button it up and guard it like a sheathed weapon. They love anguish, yet they cannot externalize their own pain.
India, flounders, in a world of people who constantly ask, ''what's wrong with you?''

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