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cinematic magic: hello, school girl

Sunday, January 19, 2014

This one's not an english movie..d..uh; Korean to be more specific. Its probably no surprise that I watch K movies. I'm definitely not learned enough to give you an overview of the Korean cinema but I do have my favourites and this one definititely fits the list.
The name of the movie and the age disparity between the lead characters may insinuate ''lolita''-like socio-drama but that is hugely misleading and not so. Just a naively cute love story, without the cheap laughters because its simply oh-so genuine and cute. I said that already. The soft afternoon flares, the careful attention to fixing a flickering lightbulb, the aerosol snow that melts a heart...ahh. and the smiles. Oh, and this is like a two story in one movie kinda thing but I am definitely biased to one (if you can guess which). just watch ok.
And sorry for those stupid scribbles. hehe.

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