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cinematic magic: only lovers left alive

Monday, July 7, 2014

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This movie had me at the cast. Like I didn't even care how tired i was of vampire genre stuff , a strong cast like this is all it matters. I have actually become the type of person that watches movies only on the basis of ''who's acting in it?'' its annoying to some but i don't want to have to suffer through ''critically-acclaimed'' movies with a lead  i don't even appreciate. sounds selfish i know. (ben affleck  for gone girl? ugh so annoying)
I don't think its any surprise that I love tom hiddleston and stalk him on an everyday basis and now him as a vampire is the ultimate girl fantasy for me lol. *to be that popsicle*
but this film is as far fom a teen fantasy as it can possibly be in this age (with vampires et al) , the director isn't interested in plot as he is in creating a mood piece, which he does particularly well. The film is saturated with music from start to end and to complement this, the film is beautifully shot and defines what 'cool ' looks like in 2014 cinema. The look of the characters, too, is perfect obvs. Moreover, i liked that this vampire film was never about the hunt and the kill, but rather like the lives of two characters to happen to be vampires.
I could give you the story but you could easily wiki that and there is no fun in cheapening the experience ;)

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