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Changdeokgung palace

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

wearing-- shirt: thrifted // skirt: Topshop // bag : Ritu Kumar // shoes: Asos (but they're history now because I managed to break them while walking around the palace and was barefoot for most part of that day. I cried a little)

Seoul, South Korea

The thing about travelling to foreign lands or any new place for that matter is always and Always the unexpected admiration for their architecture. Not that I've had much experience in that subject of travel but, which... is why I'm always surprised at my own daze with these new emotions on appreciating buildings and, palaces, to be on point, a thing strange for me because by nature, I should be all about the shopping and scenic beauty and food and stuff? shut up. Especially when listening to the stories in regard to this place it almost felt nostalgic because you know, princes and dynasty and i-may-be-of royal blood > . < lol. What's even more striking is that this palace is in the midst of contemporary Seoul (soul is how you pronounce it btw) and tons of locals are present also which is soo chill because if you've got a city then why bother slumming with the tourists right?! And I've been told that students of architecture from the city come here for inspiration and studying... and i'm here like ''I haven't even visited Taj Mahal yet''. To be fair, that's seriously far from where I stay and... the last time i read a book on architecture too many kings, conspiracies and love triangles were involved (which were basically the reasons why I finished it and loved it and may or may not have forgotten that cathedrals were built in the same book).

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