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cinematic magic: cracks

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's been a while since I've done a movie post and it's not that I haven't watched any but mainly because I have soo many I loved. Once you choose the path of a specific kind of cinema you curated from your heart, it's pretty tough to get out from it.
This is one movie that I've been meaning to post and its an Eva green one so you know it's gonna be brilliant visually, all the actors in it are spectacular and Juno temple with her complex portrayal of the protagonist is quite something else. Also, the movie is an adaptation of a novel by sheila Kohler (which I haven't read).
I enjoyed the movie for many reasons apart from it being a costume porn because just look at every fucking details of their outfits, I mean this is how you do it. This is how you pull in audience for an independent movie. pay attention. Ok so I digress, getting to the movie plot..It tackles certain controversial themes and I especially love it for its institutionalized setting (coming from a similar background myself , it hits close to home) and the dynamics of boarding school mentality. It's sort of like the lord of the flies with girls? if that makes sense. It's just nice to see strong female characters doing something without any males whatsoever involved (the ideal kind, am i rite ladies?), even if the characters are acting wrongly.
I do tend to have a bit of a darker taste in films, it's not that i have any real investment in 
*spoiler alert* ... sexual predators or find some sick interest in it, as some people might think. I just think that darker films often are much raw and honest than others, and they bring out truths that people are usually hiding from.
movie discussions are my fav kind of discussion so you can always email me or something :)

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