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Saturday, February 21, 2015

                         dress: thrifted // coat: vintage (friend's) // boots: yesstyle // socks: topshop
compensating for my lack of creativity with titles, with cute text emoticons <3

I hope you guys like my hair (i live on validation tbh). I was going for a much paler version of this pink but this was a diy by my friend so I guess amateurish pink ombre is all i get. I got this particular dye from etsy from the seller lunar tides hair, and I 100% recommend them. They are very conditioning and has a good colour payoff. This was supposed to be pastel pink but my bleach was not done satisfyingly and I relied mostly on the purple toner I got from amazon. Considering how my after-bleach hair was still very yellow I appreciate the colour still looking pink but obviously i'm hoping the colour fades to a much lighter shade of this. The amount of self-induced anxiety and two pinboards of hair inspirations later I'm exhausted and I don't know.. it's only hair you know, why do I put myself under so much emotional stress over hair stuff I have no idea. I'm ridiculous. 

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