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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A modelling agency that creates space for poc and features models that don't necessarily conform to conventional standards of beauty. Read more about them here , here and here

There are not many photographers out there that make me want to look at their work twice but I've been browsing through Nguan's work obsessively and I don't think I've ever fallen for a photography aesthetic this hard. He can make even a flight of stairs look interesting, every image on his instagram feed evokes a feeling and I can't help but feel inspired.

Sometimes I feel like the only reason I maintain this blog is because of how much I love photography,to look at and to create, i still suck technically but this blog has helped me so much in finding the aesthetic/concept for the kind of images I, personally want to curate. Taking photos of only my outfits can get boring and it's easy to self-doubt when the camera just sits there not much in use but the seeming possibilities it seduces, but I've learnt to not force myself to enjoy photography and instead reflect on what I'm actually inspired by because contrary to what certain people might have you believe you don't have to click away at every non-living thing to prove that you are an avid photography lover. I swear if I see another aspiring photographer taking photos of skylines and clouds and using horrible studio lighting for fashion shoots. Find your voice. It's obvious when you're not genuine it shows in the photos. 

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